Applying Feng Shui in Retail Environments

If You are serious About your retail business achievement, I strongly recommend hiring a qualified Feng Shui Consultant. The tips I provide here are useful, but every situation has unique things that somebody with a trained eye and knowledge can help you discover the appropriate solution for. But here are some things you can try today:

Become Your Client

The best exercise to Perform when assessing your retail area from a feng shui perspective is to pretend that you are a customer. Walk from your institution, get a cup of coffee, or have a brisk walk away from your company. Clear your head. On your return, have a look at your distance from the viewpoint of not having seen it before. Have a pencil and a sheet of paper handy.


Jot down your answers to these questions:

  • How does it feel when you approach your institution?
  • How does it feel when you enter?
  • Is it inviting?
  • What was your initial impression?

The main thing You are Looking to find to apply feng shui consultation in retail are obvious problems like clutter, poor placement of signs, or inadequate display of your products. Perhaps you notice where you will need a paint touch up or little repairs.

That is a good Location to start. Do this when you feel firm is slipping. That is a sign something is stuck in your shop.



The other thing to Keep in mind is light. You need people to see your products clearly, and you want the light to throw a positive glow. Having good light increases the energy of your shop. Additionally, it will require you to maintain your product clean; the light will show off defects in addition to benefits! The exception to this Recommendation is about certain restaurants that want to create an atmosphere with dim, romantic lighting.

One other Recommendation is to apply music and odor to enhance the environment. Be sure the music is appropriate for the clientele and do not overdo it on the scents. Subtle but pleasant is the perfect approach. When You have got all The client is perceptions working for you, applying feng shui in retail environments is a snap. Just make certain that the space is amazing, nothing jars, there is space to proceed, and your goods are displayed attractively.